Regarding the use of『Suwa no Kuni』

『Suwa no Kuni』represents the Suwa region with a simple combination of the three symbolic elements,
such as the Yatsugatake mountains,the wary line of Lake Suwa, the four pillars towering toward heaven.
It is designed to create an image of the scenery that will be engraved in the hearts of people living and visiting Suwa.

※”No” in 『Suwa no Kuni』 in the motif of “Kanmuri Otoshi” during the Onbashira Festival.

Purpose of use

The logo of『Suwa no Kuni』 is a mark representing Yatsugatake,Lake Suwa,and Onbashira,which represent the Suwa area(6 municipalities in Suwa)
Please use it to make Suwa area (Suwa 6 municipalities) engraved in the hearts of people who live and visit Suwa, and to disseminate the good image of Suwa area to the outside world.

What can be used

Within the following purposes.
1.  Contribute to the active dissemination of attractive points, including sightseeing in the Suwa area (Suwa 6 municipalities), in printed materials and PR images.
2.  To actively publicize the Suwa area (Suwa 6 municipalities) in PR activities and events.
3.  Others will be examined carefully, and the use will be permitted by the Suwa Regional Tourism Federation.

Usage fee

The usage fee is basically as follows.

Member of the Suwa Regional Tourism Federation Non-Member
logo usage fee free 10,000 JPY per group
commercial usage fee 10,000 JPY per matter 20,000 JPY per matter

Logo types (4 kinds) 

・white letters on charcoal ・white letters on black ・charcoal letters on white ・black letters on white


Please submit the logo mark application and sample in advance to the Suwa Regional Tourism Federation.
・Examination and provision
If you are approved to use the logo based on the application, we will send the usage data to the applicant.
※Do not change the logo color and use the original color.
Please submit the product using the logo.

Application address

the Suwa Regional Tourism Federation Administrative Office(Suwa City Tourism Division)
Address: 1-22-30 Takashima, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture 392-8511 Japan
TEL:0266-52-4141   FAX:0266-58-1844


○Regarding the usage of the 『Suwa no Kuni』logo
○『Suwa no Kuni』 logo application form