Suwako Watch And Clock Museum Gishodo

Suwa is known as the birthplace of watchmaking in Japan. Gishodo is a unique museum for fans of both timepieces and wall clocks both. On the first floor is a large souvenir and watch shop, where various novelty items and modern watches can be purchased. The museum features a large exhibition room where visitors can learn about the history and ingenuity of Japanese watchmaking while viewing a collection of over 400 watches and clocks from the Edo period to today. Upstairs is an activity area, with several interactive displays. There are even watch/clock making experiences available, allowing you to create your own timepiece with guidance from the staff. Outside the museum is an enormous water-driven clock tower known as Suiun-Gishodai. The 900-year-old tower chimes in different patterns with corresponding movements at regular intervals. There is seating provided nearby for those who wish to watch them all.