Choose your style of lodging

Suwa area offers various types of accommodation ranging from business and luxury hotels to traditional ryokan (Japanese inns) and hot spring inns with stunning views.

Hotels can be found in each of the following areas:

Lake area

One of Japan’s oldest spa towns, Suwa does not disappoint those seeking Japanese-style lodging and hot springs. Such options abound in the traditional area, located near several of the main temples and historical buildings. The central area is most known for its modern accommodation (western and Japanese) that offers beautiful views of Lake Suwa. Tourists tend to come to enjoy the hot springs and outdoor scenery, and numerous hotels and inns offer accommodation that are all-inclusive.

Mountain area

The elevated areas around Suwa include the Kirigamine highlands and the slopes leading up to Mount Yatsugatake. Primarily to the east and southeast of Lake Suwa, the mountain area lodgings get you close and personal with the surrounding nature and hot springs. There are a variety of accommodation options including high-end resorts, pension-style lodgings, and auberge restaurant-inn combination style lodging.

North of Chino City, Tateshina is outside Suwa, in the mountain areas famous for ski resorts and open-air hot springs.

The farthest area from Suwa, Yatsugatake is perfect for those looking to truly immerse themselves in nature and outdoor activities. There are many high-end resorts in the area.