The Suwa region of Nagano Prefecture is known as a place connected with nature from the surrounding mountain ranges to Lake Suwa, the stunning centerpiece of the area.

Due to the proximity of the highlands, numerous mountain activities are easily accessible, including skiing, hiking, and downhill mountain biking. The mountainous regions are home to a variety of wildlife and vegetation, as well as a number of special habitats, including foggy marshlands.

Lake Suwa provides tranquil and relaxing views, and acts as the focal point of the area. Thirty-one rivers flow into the massive body of water, which spans 16 square kilometers (5.1 square miles) and is bordered by the cities of Suwa, Okaya, and Shimosuwa. Fishing, pleasure cruises, lakeside jogging, and many other pursuits draw visitors.

Once known as Kamisuwa Onsen, Suwa City is one of the most prominent hot spring villages in Japan. Hot springs from the groundwater beneath Lake Suwa reach the surface at the shore, providing therapeutic bathing experiences complete with sweeping views of nature. In addition, try the numerous footbaths or test your mettle in the region’s ultra hot water baths!