Shopping and Souvenirs

From traditional crafts and local industry selections to a wide variety of food and drink, it is easy to find something for everyone when shopping for souvenirs in Suwa.

Local Recommendations

Highland Fruits and Vegetables

The natural water and temperatures of the highland areas give the local produce a freshness and flavor that is difficult to match.

Sweets and Snacks

There are a great variety in the area. On the sweet side, there is the local yokan (sweet and salty jelly), mochi (rice cakes), walnut yamabiko (caramel cookie dough) and homemade ice cream. Salty snacks include hand-baked sembei (rice crackers).


Miso production flourishes in Suwa due to optimal temperatures and an environment that creates a mild miso unique to the area. Miso Kengaku offers a huge variety of miso products, including the standard variety, chips, curries, dips, and even miso ice cream.


Sake is part of Suwa culture and many of the older breweries date back nearly 400 years. Each of the five major breweries offers tastings and boasts a wide variety of bottles and unique drinking paraphernalia such as dishes, books, and pairing snacks for sale.



Suwa’s craft scene encompasses a variety of experiences and shopping selections. Purchase clocks and watches at the Gishodo Museum. Visitors may create their own wind-up music box at Nidec Sankyo Corporation.


Onbe (tassled streamers) are a colorful and unique festival-related souvenir and go well with festival apparel such as a happi coat.

Shopping Locations

Tateshina Jiyu Noen (Farm)

Located at the edge of the highlands, Tateshina Jiyu Noen is an excellent location to purchase all the fruits and vegetables (as well as sake and other grocery items) that you will need. There is another building next door that houses a souvenir shop, bakery, and restaurant. Eatery 808 Kitchen & Table welcomes visitors to sit down and enjoy a meal made with local ingredients.

Clasuwa (Kurasuwa)

This is a brand new location in Suwa that combines a high-end restaurant, beer garden, bakery, cafe, and souvenir shop into one multi-story building. On the first floor, there is a range of food and gourmet-related souvenirs including sake, dressings, meats, sweets, and more. There are also seasonal souvenir sets that are updated regularly to reflect Suwa’s specialties throughout the year. The bakery and cafe are nice for a quick stop on your travels. The upstairs area houses a high-quality restaurant with reasonable prices and a beautiful interior. On the roof is outdoor seating offering sweeping views over Lake Suwa. In summer, the roof can be converted into a beer garden and, in August, it makes an excellent viewpoint for the nightly fireworks displays.